Chef Bobby Chinn:
Who first inspired you to cook?

To be honest I wouldn’t say any single person inspired me to cook but more the places I visited and the things I experienced in those places. My passion for cuisine and food came to me later in life, I wasn’t ‘born’ with the bug as some are – it took me a little longer to figure it out!

So how did you get into the culinary scene?

When I left Wall Street, for a good few years I was definitely drifting, then one of my friends got me a job selling seafood. I wasn't particularly keen to start with, but I got talking to the chefs that I was selling to and I saw how passionate they were about what they were doing. Suddenly, I was caught up in this foodie world and it just felt right.

Having lived and travelled throughout the world and accomplished such a huge amount through your restaurants on an international platform, what cuisine is your all time favourite?

That would depend, I really find comfort in Mexican and Indian food, but if it’s a cuisine I’m going to eat forever then it would be Chinese – but again, if I want something light then probably Japanese. Tough question!

Dubai being the fast moving city it is means often people don’t have time to cook for their families. What are your most valuable tips for enthusiastic novice cooks with little time on their hands?

Just have fun with it and be creative, try something new that feels right for you. Don’t look at making food for your family as a chore, think of it as a creative outlet and enjoy it!

It is so lovely to have you here in Dubai, is Dubai somewhere that you would consider opening a restaurant?

I have enjoyed my visit to Dubai and there really is lots on offer here - great sushi, steaks and fine dining options as well as wonderful hidden gems slightly further afield! Who knows, I tend to not look too far into the future and prefer to concentrate on the now - otherwise my life would be even more manic than it already is.

What 3 words sum up Bobby Chinn?

Passionate, daring, crazy.

Restaurant Bobby Chinn is such a wonderfully unique restaurant that oozes character, but what was it about Hanoi and Vietnam as a whole that made you settle there?

I love the place, the people, the culture and the vast natural ingredients! I had travelled so much but then something about Vietnam made me feel I could settle. I had also started to get itchy feet and wanted to set up my own restaurant, and honestly - I thought the few western restaurants there really weren't very good at all and most of the Vietnamese ones were very intimidating for visitors, so I felt that it would work if I set up my own place in Hanoi.

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